Why Do Cats Like to Hide in Cardboard Boxes And Other Small Spaces?

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Sienna Rowning from TAS writes: I recently adopted two cats for the first time and we are all having a great time together. One of my cats loves sleeping in the beds I have around the house, however the other cat likes to curl up in my shoe boxes and underneath the lounge too. I have taken her to the vet, and he gave her the all clear. Why does she like to hide away?

Firstly, it is fantastic that you have adopted two cats together – it will be the beginning of some interesting adventures for you. Cats are solitary predators, which means their food supply and very survival is dependent upon them only. With the exception of lions, wild and domestic cats do not operate in groups, therefore they use their environment to their advantage to hunt and to hide away from competition and other predators. These instincts have not changed for cats, which is why you will see them fit themselves in the smallest of boxes or in the shelves of your wardrobe. They are simply acting out their instincts.



Whilst domestic cats have chosen to live with humans, they still maintain their wild side and their natural instincts. We may think that a really comfortable expensive fluffy bed would be the better choice, but your cat may find underneath the lounge to be the best place for a kip and to be undisturbed! My cats Mattie and Shea love their beds on my desk, but Mattie also has curled up in my laptop bag from time to time and Shea occasionally goes back to his favourite hidey-hole in the tall scratchy pole.

You can encourage your cat’s natural instincts by putting some cardboard boxes in the rooms your cat likes to be in the most. Cat tunnels are also a great choice and allow them to act out their hunting instincts. It isn’t so much about what kind of box, bed or tunnel you give your cats – it is more about how it makes them feel. If they feel safe and invisible then they are more likely to use it. In my previous home, my cat Shea used to love hiding out in the tunnel and catching me around the ankles as I walked up and down the stairs. He would shoot out of that thing like a bullet and taking me by surprise was an understatement.



Having multiple choices for your cats also prevents any arguments over whose ‘spot’ does that belong to. Sometimes there is a favourite place, and we need to encourage the other cat to use a different space in the same room. As my cats are getting older, we have two beds on the desk for them, and one of those beds is the favourite. One cat will sit and wait until the other cat leaves to pinch the favourite bed. We have gently encouraged them to use both beds and don’t allow any bullying of another to get out of the favourite bed.

If you find that your cat is still hiding away a lot and you believe it is out of character, make sure you have them vet checked just as Sienna has done. Once all cleared, book in for an animal communication consultation and I will help you to understand why your cat is acting this way. Then we can find the best solution to help your cat feel comfortable and confident in their home and you can relax.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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