Is Your Pet’s Name the Right One?

Names/words contain the energy of numbers that can have a powerful influence. Numbers are universal no matter what you apply them too. When naming something it can sometimes reflect our own energy which feels good to us, helping us to produce the energy we are looking for.  This can also apply when we are naming our much loved pets. Let me show you how to work out what your pet’s name means and how it reflects their personality.



Modern Numerology that is used in most of the Western countries was developed by Pythagoras. This is also called Modern Western Numerology.  Pythagoras was an Astrologer, Numerologist, Musician and a spiritual Guru. He allotted the numbers from 1-9 in sequence to the alphabet from A to Z.

In humans we usually work out a person’s Numerology by the birthdate, which helps discover the life path and destiny of an individual. You can also do this with animals but many people don’t know the exact birthdate of their animals. So you can use their name to find out what affects their personalities and other aspects of their lives. Whether your pet already has a name or you are about to name them this is highly important to know how it will influence them in a positive or negative way.

In Pythagorean Numerology, Letters are converted to Numbers and then reduced to a single digit. So below is Pythagoras’s Grid, which he developed 2600 years ago:



Simply use the Grid, to convert the Letters of the name to Numbers.

For example ROVER would be: 96459 …then Reduce the Numbers to a single digit, by adding them together: 9 + 6 + 4 + 5 + 9 = 33 = 3 + 3 = 6  So ROVER is a 6-Energy!

If you happen to ALSO have your pet’s actual Birth Date, you can figure out their Life Path Number by adding the Numbers together – and keeping adding until you get a single digit: So a Pet born November 14th, 2018, would = 1+1+1+4+2+0+1+8 = 18 = 1+8 = 9  So their Life Path is a “9”.

I personally use a different method of numerology when using birthdates.  You can look at the animal’s life path and the person’s life path they are with to see the compatibility level and lessons to be learnt between them.  If you would like to know how you and your animal fit into this life together and tips for creating the ultimate relationship contact Trisha at

Or book a consultation to have you and your pet’s numbers worked out for you.

Here are some of the attributes of the different Number Energies:


Number 1

This is a Number about Self, and is very independent. If you pet has a Name that reduces to “1”, expect them to be more independent, even a loner. More than likely be headstrong! You need to let them know who is in charge right away! This animal is going to do what it wants to, so be patient. They can make excellent guard dogs or protective animals. They will like tug of war and want to WIN!

This pet may appear to be quite courageous, but often a little puppy, and even a coward deep down. Affection may or may not be this pets strength. They are stubborn, so if the breed of animal you are naming is naturally stubborn you may want to walk away from a #1 vibration. They can also be sensitive to noises.


Number 2

This is a Number of Cooperation and Relationships. This is the pet that will be happiest sitting in your lap! They will also like company, other pets, and humans. They don’t do well alone for extended periods. They can be naturally shy, and will dislike fireworks and thunderstorms – check under the bed and in the closets!

They prefer peaceful environments, and you may see them grooming themselves a lot. They appreciate being kept well groomed. They are sensitive themselves and are also sensitive to the needs of their owners and other pets in the home – but they make poor guard animals. They typically stress over harsh words or negative energy and will need a gentle approach in training.


Number 3

This is a Number of Creativity and Communication. With humans, #3’s like to be on stage and often have a good sense of humour. In pets, get out the Toys! They’re going to be playful. They are quite social, and love to be out & about, meeting new humans and other pets.

They are sometimes difficult to train, due to a short attention span. This is because they are too busy watching the World going on around them. They can be talkative! So should this pet be a dog, expect a lot of barking. They are typically good with children as they enjoy the busy energy children bring.


Number 4

This is a Number of Structure. Pets or animals with this Energy do best in structured environments. They like routine, such as feeding and training/exercise at the same times each day. They don’t do well with changes, such as diet changes or changes in climate. They may also be resistant to new things being introduced, so try a slow gradual process.

They are loving, know the rules, the boundaries, and will protect their property. They like being companions and often attach to one person, in particular. They are often
motivated by praise and tasty treats. They may be creatures of habit and even come across stubborn at times, but they are totally devoted to you.


Number 5 

This is a Number of High-EnergyChaos and Adventure. These animals love adventure! They don’t like to be cooped up. Unlike those with 4-Energy, they are not good with boundaries; better get a fence! If a dog, this is the type to drag in the dead bird! They also should be spayed or neutered as soon as possible or you will see puppies in your future.

They love riding in cars and going for walks in the park. They need freedom and may suffer from anxiety, if this need is not fulfilled. They are intelligent and curious. They don’t usually make good lap-animals. Consider a companion animal, should they need to be left along for any length of time. They might not be the best choice for small children, but they will be entertaining!


Number 6

This is the Number of The Nurturer. Ideally suited to home and family, this is a very devoted and loving animal. They love affection and are quick to give it too. They love to sleep in bed with you and will love cosy warm places to snuggle in. These dogs also make for the best service animals and can be trained to help a human who has disabilities.

They can tend towards obesity. This is because they love family and whatever you are all eating! Resist sharing too much human food, and don’t be swayed by those “puppy eyes”! Like the 2-Energy, these animals don’t do well with disturbances in the home, like arguing – they prefer peace and harmony in the home. They want to be a central part of your family
and not a second choice. They can get moody when ignored, so heap on the praise!


Number 7

This is a Number of Intelligence and Curiosity. This pet will be a smart cookie and will like games/toys that challenge them – plus learning Tricks! But they often need their alone-time. They probably have their own favourite place and it will probably be away from everyone else. They need space, so I hope your bed is big, or they will try to dominate the space! They are sometimes shy and reserved, but also intuitive and intelligent.

They can be sneaky and are also often possessive about their stuff! Toys, food, their bed, their owner, LOL. These pets will often dream a lot, have those puppy-nightmares, be deep in thought and it can lead to anxiety. So be careful you don’t break the trust between you and your pet – follow through with any rewards you setup.


Number 8

This is a Number of Abundance and Prosperity. Oh ya! This one likes the bling! Studded collars, luxurious bed, even those animal-outfits! They like to be in charge – alpha dog, should this be a K9. They love attention and can be demanding. They are usually high-energy, be prepared to be lead around!

This energy is not always the best with children as they want to be the centre of the stage.
Jealousy can be an issue here. Remember, alpha, so be careful introducing new animals, especially if they are strong-willed as well. I wouldn’t be surprised if this one doesn’t mind striking a pose for the camera! No doubt this animal was expensive!


Number 9

This is a Number of The Philanthropist, Old Soul, Wisdom. These are Charismatic and multi-talented pets. This Number combines many of the attributes of the previous Numbers, and you can tell right away they are an Old Soul. However, you may not be sure exactly what you’re going to get. They are Natural Leaders, but do not have a competitive streak. So not the best choice for a show animal.

They are extremely intuitive. They know when you are hurting and when you are happy.  They like a lot of physical contact to be assured that everything is alright. They are very much in tune to your vibes and sense far more than you give them credit for. They need a gentle hand during training as they are very tuned into your words and your feelings. They don’t make the best guard animals.

When you are Reducing the Numbers in your Pet’s Name, should you first get an 11, 22, 33 or 44, before the final reduction to a single Digit, Your pet has a Master Number Name:


Number 11

This is The Master Illuminator Number! This Pet will have the attributes of the Number 2-Energy, above, but you will swear this animal is Psychic! You may even catch them pawing at or talking to un-seen entities or reacting to energies you are unaware of.  This pet may seem wiser than most and perhaps more sensitive than a normal 2-Energy pet. In addition, this is Double-1 Energy, so they will be more independent than regular 2’s, and strong-willed.


Number 22

This is The Master Builder Number! This pet will have the attributes of the Number 4-Energy, above, but be even more strongly attached to structure and more grounded / tied to the Earth. This animal could be sensitive, for instance, to natural disasters. This is also Double-2 Energy, so they will be more sensitive that typical 4’s.


Number 33

This is The Master Healer/Teacher Number! This pet will have all the attributes of the Number 6-Energy, but be even more Nurturing! They may have a Healing Effect on both people and other animals. You may find them looking out for other animals and even teaching them.


Number 44

This is The Master Manifestor Number! This pet will have all the attributes of the Number 8-Energy, but will be even more prosperous & abundant. They will even bring this out in their owners and other pets. They will usually live a more luxurious lifestyle than other pets, as will their owners!

If you want to know if your animal has the right name for a Great Life make a booking with Trisha to reassure yourself you are picking the correct name for your pet.

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