Can Plants Really Communicate With Us?

We love sharing with you the insights and wonders of the animal kingdom. This month we are going to delve into the wonders of the plant kingdom. Can plants really communicate with us, like animals? Absolutely! In our advanced courses, we teach you how to communicate with the plant kingdom using telepathic and intuitive communication. We meet a lot of people where their first communications were with the plants in their own garden! There are so many wonderful reasons you would want to communicate with the plant kingdom. Did you know that plants have their own unique wisdom and they wish to share with us? Many of earth’s trees have been around for hundreds of years and have accumulated a lot of history in that time. The plant kingdom is a very intrinsic part of the natural world and is connected to not only what exists here but in fact everywhere. So you can speak with the trees and plants about universal knowledge, and also ask the ones present in your garden if they are happy and what can you do to improve their lives.



Plant energy is different to animal energy. It is more flowing, stable and very quiet. Plants are more philosophical – they enjoy speaking about the interconnectedness of life, and how it is relevant to all living beings. Particularly about the impact human beings have created on this planet and what this means for the future of the plant kingdom, which is vital to all living things. They have told us that humans need to be present in nature more than ever before, as this will assist in the learning of our planet and how to live in harmony with all that is nature creates.

There are countless scientific studies proving that plants can think and communicate. Dr. Rupert Sheldrake has proven in his experiments that plants have used signals to communicate with each other across a network of trees. The trees interconnect their roots with trees of similar species around them, and give and take nutrients to one another to help each other survive. Dr. Rupert Sheldrake calls it morphic resonance – when the plants and trees are in tune with each other. Whilst there is plenty of scientific study that plants can think and communicate with one another, we can verify that plants and trees can communicate with people too.




When I was living in Sydney, we used to have a courtyard lined with Lilly Pilli trees underneath the kitchen window and opposite near the fence. Our trees were growing beautifully except for one underneath the window. The other trees had outgrown it by metres, but this little tree just did not seem to flourish. I checked its sunlight exposure and fertiliser and it all seemed well. So just like I can connect with animals, I connected with this tree and asked it what was wrong. The tree informed me that it was not with its tree family, which were on the opposite side near the fence. It felt out of place and was missing its family. So I asked my husband to unearth this tree and move it to the opposite side with its family members. My husband Peter looked at me bewildered but he was used to these sorts of requests and did it anyway. Sure enough, a few weeks later that Lilly Pilli reached up until it was equal height just like its family members around it. Create happiness and togetherness and everything grows. Isn’t nature wonderful! Can you imagine what your garden would look like if we took the time to ask and listen?


In our horse clinics, we regularly connect in with the trees across the property. At Banyandah we know of several Ancient Matriarch and Patriarch trees that connect through incredible root networks with all the trees around them. There is in one in particular, a giant tree called the Grandfather tree. As you approach it you can already feel the magnitude of its energy and power. Its bark reminds me of elephant hide, symbolic of one of the animal wisdom keepers on this planet. We ask our students to connect with the Grandfather tree and they receive unique wisdom in guidance for their life purpose. They had no idea that a tree could contain such insight and knowledge about them personally. That is, of course until they realise this connection, as with animals is a gateway to all that is known in the universe as a collective.

There is no better way to ground and clear yourself of energy that doesn’t serve you than being immersed in nature. The next time you are in a forest, or bushland, or even at the beach, trying sitting quietly near a tree or a plant. You never know what you might hear!

About the author 

Trisha Mc Cagh

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