Mirroring: Our Animals’ Way Of Telling Us What Is Wrong

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Did you know your animals often take on your illnesses, emotions, and mental blockages to ease your pain and suffering? We call it mirroring; where your animal companion reflects your physical conditions to help you gain perspective of your own issues. Showing you through them what it looks like and the effects it creates. Our animals know that we will go to the ends of the earth to make them better, but we are not always as willing to do this for ourselves. Finding out the core issues behind your animals’ illnesses and behavioural issues could be as easy as looking at yourself in the mirror.

Our animal companions love us more than anything else, and they know us better than we know ourselves. They can see right through us to who we truly are and why we are here. We come to this planet to learn life’s lessons and as our companions animals assist us on our life path as well as experiencing their own. When we are not in alignment with ourselves, our animals sometimes need to show us our imbalances in their physical form so we will bring attention to what is needed. For example, my Japanese Spitz dog Savannah is my physical barometer. When I have digestive issues with my gut, you can bet that Savannah will experience similar problems in her gut a day or two before me. I know when Savannah is experiencing frequent gut issues, I need to reset my own digestion and be more gentle to my body. Whereas, Mattie my cat is my emotional barometer. My husband Peter knows now that if Mattie is in a bad mood, to steer clear of me as well!


Animals will mirror us for different reasons. They are our constant companions and ‘roommates’ in our home. Therefore, the home environment can affect them too. A client of mine named Leanne had a beautiful Rough Collie named Lily. Lily was usually a very sweet and friendly dog, however Leanne had come to me because Lily had stopped eating her evening meals. The vet had checked Lily over to make sure there were no serious conditions, and found she was all clear. This led Leanne to seek me out. When I connected with Lily, she told me her home had become a place of stress, and every time her family would start arguing she would tense up and feel anxious.


The energy in the room would become very intense and Lily couldn’t cope with the heaviness, and she was worried that Leanne was feeling the intensity too. As I discussed this with Leanne, she said that her and her partner had been fighting a lot lately about their future. Leanne did not realise that not only was Lily affected by all the arguing, but also that the disagreements were taking a toll on her too. Lily is everything to Leanne and she needed to find a solution. I explained to Lily that it wasn’t her fault, and Leanne promised Lily that she and her partner would see a professional about their issues to ease the tension and bring peace and harmony back into the home.


Animals have been known to share their person’s disease or condition too. This is a willing choice from the animal, and most times this happens when the animal wishes to show their person how to care better for himself or herself or to lessen the impact of the illness on their person. Bella was a gorgeous Chinchilla cat that belonged to Debbie, and she had Type 1 Diabetes. Debbie explained that Bella would come up twice a day, and lie down in a relaxed state so Debbie could give her the injections. She was so willing and responsive to her treatment; Debbie had come to me to ask how Bella was coping with the illness and what else she could do to help her. During the consult Bella said she was doing fine with her treatment, but she was concerned for Debbie’s own health and wellbeing. I asked Debbie how was her health, and Debbie replied that she had been neglecting her health, and admitted she had put her whole focus on Bella. As it turned out, she had Type 1 diabetes just like Bella! I explained to Debbie that Bella was sharing her disease in support and was showing Debbie how to look after herself with care and kindness. The level of compassion in our animals is unparalleled.


Sometimes there is a higher purpose for your animal developing a condition, whereby you find solutions or healing modalities that can help others heal their animals too. My cat Shea was diagnosed with renal failure when he was 11, and the vet told me if we treat him with Fortekor, he might have another year in him. I was determined to find another solution to help him feel better and live longer. After very extensive research I found natural supplements in Canada that had been proven to improve the condition of cats in renal failure. I can happily say Shea is now 16 and the vet calls him the ‘Miracle Cat’. Not only has he surpassed the vet’s expectations, his condition led me to find alternative solutions to renal failure for my clients’ cats as well. Animals are truly wonderful beings.


So how do we find out if our animals are mirroring our conditions and issues? This is where animal communication is the key to uncovering your animal’s problems. Through consultation, we can ask your animals what they are feeling and why they are experiencing these issues. Getting to the core of you own challenges will help to overcome your animal’s illnesses and your own issues. But we must also remember that our animals have come down here to have their own experiences, whereby they may take on conditions or energy to alleviate our own pain. It is up to us to make sure we learn from their example and not let their sacrifices go in vain. After all, our animals believe we are worth taking on any degree of pain and discomfort, why don’t we believe we are worth nurturing back to balance?


About the author 

Trisha Mc Cagh

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