pet Soul Purpose Reading

Pet Soul Purpose Reading

 Your Beautiful Animal Friend Is With You For A Devine Purpose

Every animal you share your life with has a story. They have come to be with you for a specific reason at a specific time in your life purpose. They have much to contribute to your soul purpose and much to teach you that will help you forge ahead along your life's journey. Many animals also have a separate soul purpose of their own that can be planetary or the type of experience they have this lifetime.

Trisha will go into a trance state and channel any information that your animal imparts to her at a soul level. This incredible information will then be given to you (as a transcript or recording) to use as valuable insights into your own life and the life you share with the beautiful animal souls in your life. You do not need to be available at the appointment time as the recording or transcript(chosen at time of booking) will be sent to you within 24-48hours of the appointment time.


  • Discover why your animal companion is with you at this time and its importance
  • Understand much of this experience with them was pre-planned
  • Learn if they have been with you in other lifetimes
  • Deepening your understanding, of the part your animal plays in your life purpose
  • Understanding if your animal has their own purpose they wish to achieve while they are here in this lifetime
  • Discover what they know about you on a deep level 
  • Listen to their message about what you need to do to progress in your life path

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