Animal Healing


"Universal Life Force Energy”

 SOUL Timeline Therapy

When animals have experienced emotional or physical trauma through abuse, neglect, accident or extreme anxiety their lives and yours are put into turmoil. These animals can be severely depressed, withdrawn or completely shutdown. It can be very difficult for them to even function normally.

It has taken many years but have now successfully developed a successful way of healing these traumatised animals. Animals can suffer PTSD just like humans. I can go back in their life timelines to those experiences without traumatising the animal and retrieve the crucial emotional aspects they have lost at that particular time that is now missing from their personality. For example – confidence, courage, happiness and joy to name a few. Once retrieved and acknowledge and accepted by the animal that aspect can then become part of their soul once more and we are back at ground zero and restoring this amazing animal to how they would love to be.

Animal Talk Energy Healing METHOD

I send energy to all parts of the animal’s body, focusing on those areas that need it the most. In any case the areas of an animal’s body will absorb the energy that it needs it most.  It needs to be very gentle, as animals are much more sensitive than people. Sometimes all you have to do is intend that the animal receive whatever it needs. But using medical intuitives and focusing on the areas in details has proven to be way more effective and quicker to achieve a successful outcome. 

All of the 8 main animal chakras need to be opened and energised and a special cleansing technique which encompasses the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual layers shown to me by the ancient Pleiadians. This removes any harmful energy that will not enhance the animal’s ultimate wellbeing and revitalise the micro-energies and vibration of each layer to the highest potential. This is something that I do with each and every animal regardless of the additional healing modality I will use.

I ask that whatever supplements, medical practitioners, bodyworkers, or changed life circumstances the animal needs in order to become healthy and happy be sent to the animal by the universe. Energy healing can be remarkably effective, and it can help with emotional problems as well as physical ones.

                  ENERGY HEALING




- Melanie watts W.A.

I booked in animal healing sessions with Trisha for my cats, Bea (18) and Lilla (17).

Bea has been having seizures since 2017. Although I had changed out her diet to remove preservatives and she was on medication and CBD oil from the vet, as well as a Chinese herbal formula, she was still having generalised seizures every two months as well as mini seizures everyday where she would twitch a lot. Since the healings the mini seizures/twitching have almost stopped and she has just gone over the two month mark with no generalised seizure.

Lilla was excessively licking her fur to the point where it was saturated. Following the healing session, Lilla stopped excessively licking herself and went back to grooming herself normally.

I am grateful for Trisha’s help and will be booking more animal healing sessions with her to help Bea and Lilla as they age. I would recommend her services to anyone wanting to help their animals.

                    ENERGY HEALING



- JANE Nichols QLD

Over a couple of months, I noticed that my cat, Mingy’s behaviour was changing. She no longer wanted to come inside, and over several weeks basically “moved out” of home into an old hollow log next to the house.
She would become very tense and uncomfortable being in the house and I couldn’t work out what had happened to cause this change in behaviour.

She began having episodes whenever she did come inside, would spoil herself and then be paralysed unable to remove herself from her mishap and on some occasions would be completely limp, cold to the touch, and unable to be woken up for a good minute or two.
I booked her in to the vet and bloods were done. The vet’s diagnosis being inconclusive at that point, I decided to go ahead with an animal energy healing from Trisha, and I am so glad I did!

Literally, the next day it felt like I had my Mingy back! I could visually see her relief and she quickly started to regain weight she had lost.
We are now a couple of months on and she is still happy, healthy and comfortable being inside again without any further episodes.
Trisha’s animal energy healing was the vital part in such a quick recovery for Mingy and also determining the “out of the box” cause of the poisoning.

Both Mingy and I are incredibly grateful for Trisha’s ability to heal and communicate.

Thank you Trisha!

                   TIMELINE THERAPY



- sharon ward QLD

I contacted Trisha regarding my Cat Millie, that had recently had a very bad trauma.  Trisha initially completed a consultation and the outcome was not favourable.  Millie had lost the instinct to live and be safe and was convinced that something in the house was going to kill her.  She was literally shacking in her boots and was going down hill very quickly.

During the healing Trisha found that she had two facets(two cats images), one was the fun loving old Millie and the second was the scared one.  Trisha’s instinct and guides told her to combine the two together.  After a few days we could see the difference.  Each day she became happier and started playing and wandering around the house without being scared.

We now have our Millie back to normal.  If I had not contacted Trisha we would definitely have lost her.

I cannot thank Trisha enough for her help.  I know that she did more than what was required of her and determined to find out the underlying issues from the past heal them and follow her instincts. 

Her gift is truly amazing.

Healing With Colour

Colour affects us and all living things on all levels, that is to say, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual, whether we like a colour or loathe it, whether we can see it or not, or, indeed, whether we are even consciously aware of it whether we are human or non-human animals. This is the Universal effect of colour vibrations.

Light has a profound effect on all living cells since every cell is light sensitive and also gives off its own light vibration. The cells of the skin act as light filters and allow light of all frequencies to pass to the tissues and cells through the body, which of course includes the organs and glands.

Colour is absorbed via the electromagnetic field – or aura, the skin, and the eyes. However, most animals see colour quite differently to humans, so how can they respond to colour therapy you may wonder. They are similar to us in that they absorb colour energy via our energy field. So with animals, they will respond to the energy of the colour rather than necessarily how they see it. In therapy, colour is given in many different ways including the following:

  • Coloured light using a number of different light instruments
  • Coloured materials which are laid on the body
  • Solarised water which is pure mineral water which has been energized with the individual colours (the water can be used to bathe areas of the skin or given in the drinking water so that it is taken in periodically throughout the day).
  • Via the hands of the practitioner who will direct the colour required in a similar way to hands on healing.
  • Appropriate coloured bedding/collars/saddle blankets etc.
  • Noting appropriate colours in the animal’s environment. It is also worth noting that, as an animal picks up on its human’s vibrations.

Healing With Crystals

How the power of healing crystals can greatly influence the brightness and vitality of animal chakras is well documented. Much like our own, the animal body is composed of many crystalline substances. From their bones to the liquid-colloidal structure of their brain, animals are partly crystalline in nature. Therefore, given the relationship the animal body has with crystals, you can see why they play an essentially beneficial role in altering the animal chakra.


Reiki means “Universal Life Force Energy”. Reiki is an esoteric Tibetal Buddhist practice that was “rediscovered” by a Japanese Zen monk sometime in the late 19th century. Reiki energy has its own unlimited intelligence. It seeks out all areas in the body that are out of balance or in need of healing at a given moment. When Reiki is applied to your pet it brings about deep relaxation and a sense of well-being.

Reiki facilitates healing on all levels, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Reiki heals the animal body and emotions, bringing them into balance and promoting health, happiness, prosperity and long life. It is one of the greatest gifts that you can give your pet.

Reiki healing operates on the assumption that there are seven different chakras, or energy centers, in the body. The upper chakras (numbers five through seven) hold spiritual feelings and perceptions, while the lower chakras (one through three) relate to physical survival and well-being. In between lies the fourth chakra, the heart. The heart is the pivot, or place of integration, between the upper and lower chakras, between the spiritual and the physical.

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