Animal Communication Consultations

How can an Animal Communication Consultation help me and my animals?

Animal Communication will enhance your relationship with all animals including your own. Just think what it feels like when someone really wants to engage in conversation with you and wants to know who you are; your needs, wants, and desires. It is the same for animals. Just the introduction of talking aloud with your animals, giving them information about what’s going on in the family and how they will be affected can make a huge difference in your relationship. Animals become more relaxed, less anxious or stressed and the effect on your relationship with your animal companions will be life-changing for both of you.

Can I connect with my pet once they have crossed over the rainbow bridge?

Once your pet has left its physical body and crossed the rainbow bridge communication is still possible. Their essence is eternal and their personalities and traits are still exactly the same. As animals have told me they have discarded their space suit only. You haven't lost them really you can still connect with them and ask them questions about where they are and who they are with.  In case you didn't get a chance while they were here on the earth plane to say what you wanted to say you can definitely convey your messages when they are in the afterlife. They can still see and hear you clearly and are very close by.

Pet Talk Program

When I finish the Pet Talk Program will I be able to communicate freely with my pet?

Yes, you will. Practicing with animals you don’t know during the course will build your confidence as you can get verification of your communication from the answers provided.  It will then be a natural flow as you go through the techniques and exercises with your own pets to get two-way conversations going on a very natural and regular basis.

How do I know I am communicating with my pet and that I’m not making it up?

This is a very common question. Time, practice, verification and trust are the key elements to knowing the difference between genuine and made up communication. You will know the communication is genuine when the information you have received from your pet is seen physically in many ways and problems solved.  You will also in time experience the communication with your pet feel almost separate to yourself, as though occurring in a different part of your brain. That is when you know it isn’t your thoughts or words, but your pets.

Animal Talk Practitioner’s Program

What sets your program apart from other Animal Communicators?

The Animal Talk Institute’s Practitioner Program was developed over a 20-year period and is the only comprehensive certification program in existence in the field of Animal Communication. The teachings are authentic, well researched and of a high academic standard. The Animal Talk Practitioner Proigram in addition to telepathic/Intuitive communication with animals also incorporates many topics in spiritual development and also scientifically based subjects. The Animal Talk Practitioner’s Program has been structured to provide the most thorough educational plan and is dedicated to prepare you for your role as a world-class Professional Animal Communicator. Animal Talk is accredited with the IICT (International Institute of Complementary Therapists) which allows students discount on memberships, Indemnity and Liability Insurance.

At what point will I become fully accredited through this program?

A student may become fully accredited to practice Animal Communication when they have successfully completed the requirements of The Animal Talk Practitioner Program – Advanced Training.

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