Gorillas No Longer In The Mist

Gorillas are found only in Rwanda and Uganda, with 1000 left in the wild in entirety. I chose to speak to the group soul of all Gorillas to see how COVID -19 was having an effect on them as it has for humans across the world. It is like speaking to the 1000 as a whole as far as information but only communicating with one energy as a spoke’s animal.  I spoke with a large prominent and knowledgeable soul.



“We are a proud species and governed by a disciplined hierarchy. The males are the leaders because we are fierce protectors of our families and Species as a whole. Each male protects his individual group, but it is the overall leader that governs all.

There have been many changes as time has passed. We are like others, instinctual. But perhaps where we differ is our innate communication, that is more direct than other species and although similar to humans far more deliberate.

Our groups are well structured – every individual knows their role and every individual willingly contributes to the wellbeing of the group.  It is male-dominated as we need to bring strength and agility to the table when threatened. Always in the ready if under threat. Only the leader would battle with another leader. This of course being a great responsibility but also a great privilege.

In quieter times we were far more attuned to the wind and the sounds of it brought. It carried subtle scents from other species.   We could hear sounds from great distances and could recognise friend or foe – giving the group great advantage. We could also feel the vibrations in the earth sensing the approach of nature and its creature’s existence.  When men began to come into our environment there were many adjustments to be made.   Over time these changes increased and began to change our every structure. 

Predators kept us hidden in the denseness and height of the trees.  It was no longer courage and strength that protected us.  Their weapons were all too powerful. The loss and grief of our precious loved ones, too deep for us to endure.  The great sense you failed as a leader should death result within your group, causing even greater isolation for the leader from the others.

Humans are confusing as they wish to break us or observe us. Trust is a very big issue within our species towards humans.  Are they friend or foe?  Hiding from the observers would merely delay our peace and solitude, for the observers would be determined to wait or come closer. Our youth became inquisitive about the observers which is not ideal, as they stray further from the wild natural ways. 

We long for our leaders to be strong, defiant and protective. Our youth has been tainted by these curiosities of the humans and complacent in the necessity for action.  As a leader it was necessary to encourage protective displays to keep the humans guessing.  Are we friend or foe?  We have no interest in harming a human unless they are a threat. We began to recognise the leaders of the observers after a time and realised they were not a challenge to us but wanted to be in agreeance. However, bringing us into the spotlight would always pose a risk for us. 



The trust is not fully between us as humans can change to an enemy very quickly. There have been kind individuals that take our welfare seriously, but these are few. We have become some kind of reward and most will show honour and respect while we are creating great benefit for them. We are wary of when that time will end. 

There was very little time of silence in the air or upon the earth. The wind always carrying disturbance – unusual scents of the humans.  We knew of their approach longed before they reached our location

We know not why but there is much silence again and the natural existence in clarity. Humans still travel to us but only their leaders and in small numbers. The air is simpler and cleaner. The intent relaxed. We have wondered if all instinctual aspects will return. Whether our complete wildness and wonder will once again blend with the landscape. 

There are two threats now – complacency, where we no longer worry about the many mixed energies to enter our boundaries. The second is we must remember there may be less observers but then the predator humans return. We trade one freedom for another. 

Will our sanctuary once again feel the freedom and the stillness? Feel the connection to the earth that we once experienced long ago or are we merely experiencing a lull within the human existence. One thing can be noted we tolerate the humans never at any point have we agreed to accept them.”

About the author 

Trisha Mc Cagh

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