Animals and Our Planet

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The animal kingdom reveals amazing gifts and gifts and abilities, that if ever possessed by the human species have long been dissipated or lost to urban living. Where the natural kingdoms have adapted to their environments, mankind seems to go to great lengths to isolate itself from nature, moving further and further from connection and communion with all in the universe. In ancient Egypt, the priesthood considered animals to be earthly manifestations of gods and goddesses. They were held in awe, as they were seen to be the embodiment of the incarnate god, with abilities and powers not held by mankind. This was portrayed commonly as Anubis with the head of a Jackal and Thoth with the head of an Ibis.

Animals once revered in ancient times have been overlooked in present day and treated secondary to the human species. The need to restore this balance is mandatory for the survival of planet earth. To best understand the significance of the natural kingdoms and their stellar connections with our planet, the following information was communicated through universal language from the animals to me. All animals on this planet know why they are here. It is the human species that has forgotten temporarily, for reasons of learning. The domestic animals that share our lives have a great impact on our revolution and the ascension process(our spiritual development). These animals can reach deep within us, touching our hearts in a unique way to motivate and support us on our journey. They mirror us in many ways for us to see ourselves from a different perspective, and we learn from this.

Animals are highly evolved beings and here to guide and educate us on our journey of purpose. Their prime role at this particular time of universal change is to unite us with this purpose. Animals hold the ancient knowledge of the masters and convey this through their unconditional love and connection, Animals show us how to love others and ourselves unconditionally, and unites us with our spiritual source. Domestic animals are our direct link to the wild animals and the wild animals to the universe. It is the wild animals that connect us with the instinctual freedom we once had and the rawness of life that lies deep within our souls. Our souls long to be free and not held prisoner by society and beliefs. To experience the true heart of the wild, you need to spend time in the wilderness without the stimulation of society. It is here you will feel and become part of the natural rhythms once more: experience the reconnection of becoming one with all that is. We are part of a bigger picture, and this isolation we have bestowed upon ourselves has severed us from universal wisdom and the feeling of wholeness. Perhaps it is for this reason many people feel isolated, alone and without support.

For a long time, the animals have been trying to warn us of the inevitable changes to mother earth caused by man’s destructive patterns. It was the animals that fled to safety ahead of the tsunami’s in 2004, feeling the distruption in the biorhythms of the earth. Why was it, that so many humans perished as they were totally unaware of what was to come? Another example of our disconnection. It is mankind that does not understand why hundreds of whales beach each year, or thousands of birds are found dead in one area. Yet another message from the animals that all is not well within our waters, and the air we breath. The animals’ message is one of urgency, for with destruction of the earth will also come the destruction of mankind. Without the earth where will we live and how will we survive? Close your eyes and imagine the planet without animals and plant life and you will have your answer.

Is it all doom and gloom? Of course not, because we can change the course of events. Each and every one of us needs to set an example for each other, our children and future generations. In my generation I was lucky enough to grow up in cleaner air, where pollution was isolated to a few big cities around the globe. Rivers that were safe to swim in and teeming with wildlife, especially tadpoles which are rare these days. Streets were full of trees and real grass not fake turf and four definite seasons in a year. If we make the decision now, to listen to nature and let it guide us in our choices, we will be able to enjoy this beautiful planet for a long time to come. What can you do to help? One small thing by each person on the planet, will turn into billions of actions. Wow how exciting it sounds so easy. Because it is![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

About the author 

Trisha Mc Cagh

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