Why does my dog try to distract me when I meditate? 


Meditating with your dogs can be a wonderful daily ritual. All animals love it when we are in that ‘Zone’ where our mind is quiet and peaceful; we have reached their state of being. If you are starting your meditation practice with your animals, they may not be used to sitting in your presence without interaction. A lot of the time we either chat, or touch or interact in some way with our animals. It can be difficult to just be and meditate, and our animals are not used to us being in this state. But they will be! Here is a few ways of getting you both on the same page:

  • Try your meditations on your own first without your animals. You can meditate in a separate room or put your animals outside. Get used to the deep breathing rhythm and calming your mind, and once you feel stronger and more disciplined in your daily practice, then try it with your animals.
  • As mentioned earlier, your animals are not used to being in your presence without interaction. Once you feel more confident in your meditations without them, practice daily with them around you. If your dog tries to get your attention, ignore their advances. They will persevere, and so should you! Keep ignoring them and just focus on your meditation. They will eventually settle down and just enjoy the experience. Particularly for dogs with anxious personalities, this might take a little longer, but with time they will get used to it and look forward to your daily ritual with them.
  • Your dog may be trying to let you know what is happening when you are in meditation – take notice of when they begin to give you their paw or bark at you. Were you in the zone as deep as you thought? Were you distracted by your thoughts? Your dog can see what happens to your energy in that state, and may be trying to show you. Be calm; ask for the answer and your dog will show you.

Practicing meditation daily will help you reach the ‘Zone’ where you can hear & speak with all animals. Your animals want to share their world with you and will support and guide you there, so don’t give up!


About the author 

Trisha Mc Cagh

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