The Power of Animal Friendships

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Many of us are fortunate to live with animals. There are also those who cannot afford to keep animals or are not allowed to have animals in the property where they live. That however, doesn’t mean they cannot experience the unconditional love of animals! We have human friends that we see and spend time with from time to time. Why can’t you have animal friends that you can do the same with too?

What I think is so special about animals, is their ability to love unconditionally, to be non-judgemental, and to always tell you the truth. You always know where you stand with an animal, and once you have returned that love, respect and loyalty, you have a friend for life. Wouldn’t it be great to meet more humans like that? I can definitely say my animals are my best friends, and I am theirs. This goes for wild animals as well as domestic animals. I have many clients that contact me to talk to their ‘wild friends’. These can be animals that visit their gardens, such as birds, and insects. They can also be other people’s animals, particularly cats that share themselves with neighbours. It is a sacred friendship, and one to be valued – as those animals do not rely directly on you to survive. They choose to be around you, and enjoy the freedom of visiting you at their leisure. What an honour!

Once you learn how to communicate with animals telepathically and intuitively, you can build friendships with all animals! Many of my students have these relationships with animals they know. In one case, a student of mine named Christine was running a dog boarding business in her home. She had her own dogs, but she also would board a few dogs at a time, giving them attention and freedom to roam her backyard. Of course, she got to know these dogs so well and was sad to see them go each time they went home. But when they would come back again they would get excited to see her and it was like it was yesterday. This is the beauty of having such a special friendship – the love is always there, no matter how much time has gone by.

Animal Sanctuaries are a great example of having friendships with animals. These are all animals that have found their way to a better and more peaceful life. If they choose to associate with humans, they do enjoy the quality time together, and there is a mutual respect and gratitude. A special client of mine named Lily from Yemen, has created a cat sanctuary within her home. Her culture does not put animals in high regard, so she has made it her mission to help as many stray cats as possible. By giving them a food and water source, shelter, and veterinary care, she has given them a better chance at having a good life. She tells them that they are more than welcome to stay as long as they like, but she also understands that they have the free will to choose their own path. She provides such love and a deep friendship with each of them to reassure them of their importance. For Lily, it is a privilege to be of service to the animals, and she appreciates each and every cat.

Friendships with wild animals are just as unique. As there is no physical interaction, it becomes a connection of love and intellect. My colleague Dana has many birds that use her home as a safe haven. They have access to food and water sources, safe places to sit and shelter during bad weather. When they spend time together, Dana asks them to share their wisdom and knowledge of birds – what is it like for their species on this planet and how do they work together in a flock. You can learn some really interesting things from the animals!


So how can you develop friendships and just enjoy the company of animals? There are several ways:


Volunteering At An Animal Shelter

This is a wonderful path to take, and I personally honour all rescue volunteers that take on this emotional and challenging role. There are so many animals that are broken, emotionally traumatised and just plain scared when left at an animal shelter. Volunteering your time to help these animals build trust in humans again is both rewarding and beneficial. This is where I find animal communication very useful. Most of these animals have an unknown past that can be challenging to uncover if you cannot communicate in their language. But once you have learnt the silent language of animals, you can help them come back to their true selves. You can help them to open up, and be their support as they learn how to build relationships with people again. Just offering them loving calming energy can make a big difference in their world. Imagine if you were terrified and in a strange place and a stranger offered you love and support and told you all will be well. How wonderful does that sound?


Looking After Neighbour’s Animals

If you are friendly with your neighbours, you can offer to look after their animals or take them for their outings if their carers are too busy. A client of mine named Dianne in Brisbane, ‘shares’ her neighbours’ dogs. The two dogs get fed at home in the morning, and then they come through the fence door (made especially for them) to spend the rest of the day with Dianne. They get a treat when they come over, and they also get afternoon walkies too. When Dianne’s neighbours come home, the dogs trot back through the door to get fed and spend the rest of the evening with their people. Dianne loves it, as she travels interstate often, she can enjoy their company without compromising their welfare. It is a great deal for the dogs too – they get the best of both worlds!


Fostering Animals

Fostering animals is another selfless way of giving back and receiving that wonderful love. Fostering animals whether it is dog, cats, horses or birds, any animal that needs a temporary home to rest their weary bodies in a safe place can mean the world to that animal, and a fulfilling experience for you. Many of my clients are foster carers, opening up their homes to help animals find their forever place in a loving environment. The work that foster carers do is highly valuable – they help rehabilitate animals to become their best loving selves again. Of course, you may become a foster failure and end up with several loveable animals that you just can’t say goodbye to!

I firmly believe animals make the best friends. With their unconditional love and non-judgemental nature, it is difficult not to be around them. The more love, respect and understanding you give them, they more they long to return it tenfold.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

About the author 

Trisha Mc Cagh

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