Straight from the Horses Mouth (Double CD)


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The purpose of this Cd is to connect you with your horse through the wonderful world of animal communication. Horses can communicate with us using a silent language, involving both telepathic and intuitive sensing. You will be guided through a series of exercises that will assist you in going to that quiet place where you can you can hear animals and they can hear you. You will be able to ask your horse many questions and hear their answers. Are they happy? What are they trying to tell you? What do they think about? And so much more.

Learn how to become part of their world the way they experience it, just as they have become part of yours.

You will be able to apply these techniques to the day to day interactions you have with your horse. Whether this be moving your horse from one location to another, training and working with your horse or preparing and performing in competition successfully. It will enable you to do anything you need to, and love to do with your horse in a more complimentary and care free manner.

This two-way conversation and understanding will create a deeper bond and relationship with the beautiful horses you share your life with.

CD 1

Track 1: Introduction

Track 2: The horse’s way

Track 3: ‘Just being’

Track 4: Horse Wisdom

Track 5: Getting in the ‘Zone’

Track 6: Consolidating the Relationship

Track 7: Mastering the connection

Track 8: Two-way conversation begins

Track 9: A new way of communicating with your horse

CD 2

Track 1: Introduction

Track 2: Honing your skills

Track 3: All work no play

Track 4: The fun begins

Track 5: Creature comfort

Track 6: The Ride

Track 7: Working with Visualization

Track 8: Through your horse’s eyes

Track 9: Creating the partnership

Track 10: Personal preparation

 Track 11: Preparing for Competition

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