A Simple Guide to Talking with Your Animals


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We are all born with the ability to communicate telepathically and intuitively with animals in their silent language. We suppress this ability once we begin speaking verbally, but a part of us never forgets. This CD and its simple exercises will help kick-start those abilities you once had and reunite you with the amazing world of Animal Communication. It is wonderful to be able to hear the voice of your beloved animals and create deeper emotional bonds and understanding as you share your lives together.

Track 1 – Introduction 1:13

Track 2 – ‘Just Being’ with Your Animals 4:37

Track 3 – Connecting with Your Animals in Meditation 13:29

Track 4 – Two-way Conversations 3:13

Track 5 – A New Way to Talk to Your Animals 2:26

Track 6 – Validating Your Communication 2:04

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