If we had the mindset of an animal, what could we accomplish?

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]We all have goals and aspirations we wish to achieve. Some of us want to make a major contribution to the planet; others wish to make a difference personally in people’s lives. And we also have our personal goals such as finding the perfect partner or creating our own family. Some of us do achieve our goals, and some people are still working on it. What do the animals think about our quests for fulfilment? And what could we learn from them to help us achieve our dreams and overcome challenges? This is where I believe the animals may have the answers that are beyond us. What do they know that we don’t?

Lack of Ego

As spiritual beings, we pre-plan our lifetimes on Earth to have an experience and learn life lessons. We decide beforehand who we are going to be, whom we will learn with and how we will gain our experiences. When we are born on Earth, we experience amnesia – we forget who we were before and what our plan was. Being on Earth also means we have duality, meaning we have an ego that will challenge us along our journey. Did you know that animals don’t have an ego when they come to Earth? They also remember who they are and why they are here. Quite a few years ago, I held my first horse clinic in Albury, and whilst spending time with our host Jane’s horses, Barcelona the leader of the herd came forward and rested his muzzle in my hand. I gently blew into his nostrils and he blew back. We carried this on for what felt like a long time, just absorbed in the energy we were sharing. Afterwards he stepped back and said ‘I will be working with you in the future.’ At the time I did not think much of it, until a few years later I returned to teach a horse clinic and he came forward and said ‘I told you, that you would return to work with me!’ Needless to say, it is now no surprise to be running annual highly successful clinics in Albury ever since.  Barcelona knew why I was on the planet and what I needed to do.

Our own animals also play a major role in our life purpose. They know us for who we truly are, and patiently guide us in the right direction. A client of mine named Lynda came to me to talk about her Labrador Charlie. Charlie was originally her daughter Kristen’s dog, however he had stayed at the family home when Kristen decided to move out. Now settled, Kristen wished to move Charlie to her new place, and Lynda wanted to know how Charlie felt about this. Well, Charlie said he needed to stay with Lynda, as he knew that Kristen would be doing a lot of travelling in the near future and he would be come a complication for her new adventures. He didn’t want to be the reason she didn’t move forward with her purpose. Besides he knew that Lynda needed him right now. Lynda emailed me a few weeks later to tell me Charlie was right – her daughter had taken a promotion and would be travelling interstate often for her new role. Whilst we don’t completely remember our purpose, we are blessed to have our animals to help guide the way.

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Inner Knowing

As you have most likely realised, animals don’t follow a particular religion, they are guided by their own intuitive instinct? Animals do not see our lives separated as life and then a judgement after death. They even find it strange that we fear death or see it as our ultimate demise. The animals see it as a progression, going from this existence back to our origin or ‘home’ as they call it. As one dog said to me, ‘Death is just a transition to the next exciting adventure!’.

As animals have no ego, they do not have any agendas or malice towards other living beings.  It is through the example of an animals’ compassion towards each other that the human race can regain their compassion for all beings. I have connected with the whales around the planet asking why they beach themselves, and they said ‘We volunteered to give our lives so that the people will unite together in a cause that ignites their love and compassion for not only all beings, but also for themselves’. It is such a simple but powerful lesson that goes beyond any belief system.

Following Instinct

Did you know that a human’s ability to rationalise is one of the few traits that separate us from all animals? We as humans have created many wondrous things with this unique gift; we have travelled into space, we have technologies that allow us to stay connected with anyone in the world and we have created medicines that could cure many diseases. Yes, this unique trait of ours has been useful; however it has numbed our best asset. We have lost our most important skill that connects us with all animals – our instincts. We have an intuition within that guides you along your journey.

This intuitive guidance is strongly connected to the animals’ physical instincts, whereas our rational mind will choose to follow logic over our natural intuition.  If you were connected to your guidance, what could you accomplish? You can use it to read people, to understand them better. You can use it to help you decide what career path you would like. But most importantly, your guidance can help you make decisions that are ultimately for your highest good. Your guidance is like your own personal advisor, a constant support ready to help you with anything. My colleague Dana and I were sitting together with her dog Diego, and she had mentioned that sometimes she felt her intuitive guidance wasn’t switched on. Before I could reply, Diego said ‘ Your intuition is always on, you’re just not listening enough.’ I couldn’t have said it better myself!

Regaining our Power

 We need to become more animalistic and enjoy the silence of each moment. Instead we are overstimulated beings, always be interacting, talking or doing. Very rarely do we just sit still and be in the moment. You can begin creating that stillness by sitting outside in nature for 10 minutes every day. Do not take any devices or items that may distract you. Just sit down on the grass or in a chair, whatever makes you feel comfortable and begin to breathe deeply, getting yourself into a rhythm. In that 10 minutes, take note of what you can hear., smell or see? smell? Be aware of what you can sense and feel. As you practice each day, your 10 minutes could stretch longer. It is normal to find yourself feeling restless at the beginning; this will fade as you become absorbed in the moment.

When we are in silence and our minds are quiet, we can hear our intuition. It is not like fireworks, it is subtle and you will know that what you are feeling is correct. Our students have told us stories of how their intuition kicked in once they began communicating with animals. Susan was a student of ours whom worked in the emergency department of a hospital in Sydney. she was coming home emotionally and mentally drained from her job, and she found it very hard to detach each night. After work one day she felt drawn to drive past the park near her workplace and sit under the trees. She felt a huge release of energy and felt much lighter. After this, she began a ritual of going for a walk in the park everyday before and after work. Deanne would sit on the bench underneath the canopy of trees and just breathe in the fresh air. After a few weeks of doing this, Susan noticed she was coming home with more energy and she felt much calmer and in control whilst at work too.

Whilst we can sit still like an animal, we must also be aware of our belief systems. They can be ingrained through environmental influences and conditioning from our childhood. We can become aware of this by taking an objective look at our challenges, and ask yourself – is that obstacle real or am I inventing it? You will be surprised by what your mind will show you to keep you safe in your comfort zone. The animals are quite insightful with this idea; they find it odd that we would give up on our aspirations so easily. Viva, a beautiful horse from Albury once said to me’ Why do humans accept failure before they have even tried?’ She makes a good point. We build up evidence proving why we cannot move forward in our goals. Why not take the risk and see what happens?

So if we can combat our limited beliefs, sit in stillness and listen more carefully to ourselves and to our animals, the sky is the limit on what we can accomplish. The animals are here to guide and support us in living and being our true selves, whether they are our companions or the wild animals we share our space with. Let’s follow their lead and not be suppressed by what other’s think or say but what you feel in your heart.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

About the author 

Trisha Mc Cagh

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