Listening To The Wild

We are all born with this innate ability to communicate telepathically and intuitively with all beings on this planet. Using the silent language, we can develop deeper understanding and connections with the animals on this planet. All animals are masters at this language- they keep this language and master it as they grow, communicating within their own species as well as others. The only species that discourages their telepathic and intuitive communication skills are humans. Did you know we are the only ones in the animal world that deny this natural ability over the preference to speak verbally?

The most fascinating aspect of learning animal communication for me was being able to listen to the conversations between animals. Not just between your own pets if you have more than one, but between wild animals. Being able to hear what they talk about, to learn what do they do all day? Domestic animals such as our pets, horses and farm animals share part of their world with humans, so they will talk to you about their concerns and needs as part of living in our world. I do recall going outside to my yard and hearing a single lorikeet cawing from a tree. Behind the physical sound I could hear him telepathically calling to a friend. I asked him if he was alright, he said he lost his mate during flight, and if I had seen him. I replied that I had not seen any other lorikeets in the area that day. I carried about my business outside, and five minutes later I heard the second cawing and he was joined by his lorikeet mate! Immediately you could hear them talking excitedly at finding each other. I listened in, and his friend was saying he got swept off route by the strong winds that day.

I have experienced hearing conversations between two young Cheetah whilst in Africa. I had the fortune to meet two Cheetah’s (Diesel and Levi) that belonged to a woman named Donna. They lived with her in Africa like they were pet cats. We were playing together outside, and I distinctly heard Levi say to Diesel ‘I am going to sneak up behind her, watch this!’ meaning he was going to sneak attack me. Thankfully for my abilities, I heard Levi and was able to grab his paws before he could sink his claws around my waist! His intention was not to hurt me, but their skin is a lot thicker than ours, and needless to say I would have come out second best. What an experience! Hearing wild animal conversations makes you part of their world rather than separate to it.

To be able to listen to conversations between animals, we must practice ‘Getting in the Zone’. Because our focus is to listen to conversations between wild animals, we must learn to keep our energy still and quiet as well as our mind to hear them. Our own animals are used to us being in different states of energy, but when we are in silence, they love being around us. It is the preferred state of being, and your animals will be in this state most of the time.

Wild animals that live with their species in their natural environment, are very different to their domestic counterparts. For wild animals, humans are seen as a potential threat to survival and resources. They are on alert when they see us in their environment. Practicing stillness and getting in the zone will help you to bring yourself to their state of being and they will be more willing to accept you in their space.

During our horse clinics, we practice sitting in the zone in the paddocks with the horses. As we drop our energy into silence, and quieten our minds, the horses immediately come up to be closer to us. Because the horses can read us so much better in this state many begin healings on the people that require energetic balance.  The moment the silence is broken, the horses immediately turn around & walk away.

To help you get started, our ‘Just Being’ exercise will set you up to creating that silence.

‘Just Being’


We need to open our mind and perceptions about animals. We need to look far beyond their fur, feathers or fins and see that they are highly intelligent, perceptive beings. If we see or treat them as below us, how is it possible to discover the true essence of animals?

There is no need to sit right next to an animal for this exercise; in their general vicinity will be enough. If they approach you, allow them to do so but without your interaction; ignoring their advances will soon allow them to settle quietly and be themselves. Allow your busy thoughts to quieten until you are focusing softly on your animal friend. Just sit with them quietly for a short period of time, and sense what it feels like to be that animal.

If you find yourself feeling distracted or restless, focus gently on your breathing. Be aware of breath as you inhale and exhale.

Learn how to get yourself in the ‘Zone’ and begin talking with your animals Now 

What if you feel like you’re making up the conversations between animals? Everything starts with imagination – imagine what they would be saying to each other and let go. You will find once you get curious and open to what they could be saying, the more receptive you become to listening to what they are saying to each other. It truly is a special privilege to hear what the wild says to one another. Even after many years of communicating with all animals, I am still in awe of the wisdom and simplicity that the animals have to show us. All we have to do is open up our minds and listen.

About the author 

Trisha Mc Cagh

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