Learning How to Heal Through Your Animals

What I love about the animal world is they never cease to enlighten me. They are compassionate, loving and supportive towards the human race, but they are advanced beings unto themselves. We humans have become more and more open to alternative healing therapies, changing lives with natural solutions where conventional medicine could not succeed. However, I have to say – the animals are much more advanced in this part of healing than we will ever be.

All animals have natural healing abilities, however, for domestic animals such as cats and dogs, they can get more involved in human to human healing. Wild animals heal on a more planetary level. Our humble domestic animals can see the energy flow from you (the practitioner) to the client. They can see what areas the energy has targeted in the client’s auric field and what areas need to be targeted. Your animals can take this energy deeper. And most importantly, they can see if your client is absorbing your healing energy. How wonderful that we can work with our beloved animals to create harmony and balance for people in need!  You will find your animals are with you for different reasons – some have come to specifically help us with our healing.

If you are a Reiki practitioner, a massage therapist, a Theta practitioner or any kind of energy healer, you would know that each client is a unique case. Assessing your client and understanding their needs is a skill that comes with experience as a healer. What if you could transform the way you heal? What if your animals could help you advance your healing modalities? What if they could teach you how to tailor your client’s session to target their most challenging areas? Would that not be wonderful?

Not only can you give the best to your clients, but you can also develop your own skills and advance your progression. Your animals can show you when your healing techniques are working, when they feel they need to interfere. They can guide you when you need to amplify your energies or when you need to focus it on a targeted area. Did you know that they can also show you when a particular healing modality is working for you or not? When I am due to explore a new healing method, my animals will tell me that I need to look into a specific method or teacher to begin my learning. They have even developed health conditions to lead me towards testing and working a new healing modality, to drive me to explore. My animals know I would do anything for them, so they know they can get me shifting and changing in learning if I can practice with them.

As part of my Animal Communication business, there are times where extra healing is required to help animals and people move past a traumatic experience. We can use alternative therapies combined with conventional medicine very effectively. We work on the non-physical layers to move towards harmony.

Animals are straight forward when it comes to creating harmony and change in humans. They can see exactly what your energy state looks like and what is causing your physical ailments. My animals have assisted me with clients and students for many years. Mattie my cat has been my Teacher in communication since the beginning. She would sit in my student workshops, and show me how to gauge each student’s development level and where their energy was at any one time. Shea my boy cat is my energy stabiliser. He would oversee our meditations and exercises. Shea maintains the energy in the group and ensures it is balanced and plentiful for everyone. He even likes to join my online seminars; he will often sit on my desk and observe our activities!

Many client’s animals have told me they love to assist their person when they are facilitating healing sessions for people. You may find your dog or cat likes to come into the room with your clients, and may even sit right next to them! This was the case for Charlotte and Merlin, her Russian Blue cat. Charlotte was an energetic practitioner working from home that combined counselling with an energy healing in her work. Charlotte had come to me with some behavioural issues from Merlin. Merlin was allowed to sit in on her client’s sessions, and he often would sit under the massage table or under Charlotte’s chair during her sessions. But lately he had started hissing at clients as they came into her home and started trying to get Charlotte’s attention during the healing part of her client’s sessions.

After talking with Merlin, I found that he was concerned for Charlotte’s wellbeing during her sessions with her clients. He said that he could see the client’s energy as they walked in, but he could also see what their energy was doing to his person Charlotte! He said some people were more stable, whilst others were more scattered and desperate for help. He had been trying to tell Charlotte to set her intentions for protection and a successful session before she began healing on the person. Charlotte was amazed by what I had told her, and even more shocked at the level of insight and wisdom Merlin was sharing with her. It allowed Charlotte to maintain her personal energy at a much higher level. She knew that Merlin was always special, and she was even more excited to work with him from now on.

I had another interesting client named Helen with a gorgeous cat named Milly. Milly was a very regal tortoiseshell cat, and she loved being treated like a queen by Helen. Helen was a Reiki practitioner, she had been practicing for a few years and Milly usually liked to join her in her sessions. Milly would usually sit by the door or by Helen’s chair as she worked.

In recent months, Milly had started avoiding her healing room, and even started hiding in the garden outside during Helen’s client bookings. Milly would only come back inside when Helen was finished, and she would growl towards her healing room. Helen could not understand what was happening. I communicated with Milly and asked her what was she frightened of in her home. Well, did Milly have a lot to say! She got straight to the point, and stated that Helen had not been diligent with her protection routine before and after her sessions. Milly said that when Helen was working on clients, she was leaving herself open to taking on what her clients were releasing in the session. Milly also said that when Helen had finished her clients for the day there was still residual energy in the home. Helen was surprised that Milly had noticed the energy in the room, as Helen said she didn’t feel it afterwards. Milly continued to say that because Helen was working in this energy frequently, she was getting used to this frequency. Milly suggested that Helen would practice her protection shields and cleanse her room before and after her clients left. Not only would this help Helen to come out feeling energised, but it also helped her build clear boundaries so that Helen would not take on her client’s residual energy. It also allowed the house to stay clear of unwanted energy so they both could live in an enhanced environment. What a wise cat indeed!

Many of our animals have come down to assist us in our life’s calling, especially if you are in a role that is to serve others. Your animals come to you knowing exactly what your purpose is, and they guide you to do the best job you possibly can. The wonderful part of communicating with your animals, is being able to ask them – what can I do to be better? How can I advance my abilities to better serve the planet? Isn’t it wonderful that you can have these conversations with your animals! They have only your best interests, and will always lead you down the best path. In our workshops, we ask your animals these questions and they help you to develop a plan for going forward. They know you better than anyone – so who better to help develop your skills than your own animals?

About the author 

Trisha Mc Cagh

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