How Can I Stop My Budgie from Biting?

Firstly your budgie is biting for a good reason and you definitely need to investigate. Don’t just think he is a naughty budgie, and it has nothing to do with me. Birds as pets are being put in very unnatural, stressful situations most of the time. Here are some points to consider.

  1. Take note of the particular times and situations that your budgie bites. Take not of the triggers, and how long he has had this behaviour. Who does he bite?  Just you, other members of the household, strangers or everyone? If it is strangers then he obviously doesn’t feel safe, so don’t allow strangers close contact. If it is you or other members of the house these pointers will help for a happier relationship.
  2. If this is a new behaviour and is displaying other physical symptoms such as off his food, plucking his feathers out, or diarrhoea he could be sick so consult your vet.
  3. Budgies are often bored or stressed and can bite out of anxiety. Always insure he has adequate stimulation through toys and activities. If he appears stressed make sure he is situated in a  calm environment with plenty of alone quiet time.  Budgies rarely like to be handled all the time, so keep to a minimum until he comes to you.
  4. When your budgie bites ignore this behaviour and place him back in his environment which will discourage the behaviour.  If he is in his cage then walk away and let him be calm. Make sure you keep calm and your voice at a low tone as you can elevate the problem.
  5. Make sure he has the correct diet, fresh water daily and adequate quiet time (covered or in darkness – 12hours) for his sleep time.  If he is over stimulated this can make for a cranky budgie.
  6. When you do approach your budgie, do it in a quiet calm manner and don’t force him to do things. Allow him to take his time to get used to new things and let him make choices even if it doesn’t agree with your expectation. He has a right to an enjoyable life, and to make decisions of what he likes and doesn’t like. Some budgies like to be touch feely and some don’t, just like people.
  7. It is not natural for a budgie to be locked, so you must ensure he has areas to fly and exercise or an aviary or large cage that will accommodate his needs. He needs access to sunlight and fresh air. In a nutshell anything he would experience in the wild you need to provide. You now have the winning recipe for a healthy happy budgie which is conducive to a healthy happy relationship.

About the author 

Trisha Mc Cagh

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