Can My Animals Sense Supernatural Energies?

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Kathleen Hogarty from QLD writes: I have two cats and a dog in my home. At times my boy cat will be sitting with me, and then he sits up and starts watching something around or above me. I have caught him watching into space; his eyes look like they are following something moving around the room. My other cat does this sometimes too, and the dog will refuse to go into certain rooms in the house. Is it possible they can see spirits in my house?


Whilst on earth, our animals are our companions having an experience in the human world. They are here to help us with our life purpose, and they have their own development as well. Animals are highly advanced spiritual beings. They work with high vibrational energies, and they have all capabilities to see and sense the spirit realms beyond the physical world. So who and what are they sensing in your home?

The spirit realms are all around us. The animals have shown me that the realms are multidimensional; it is not like a separation where we are here on earth and they are above us in the clouds. It is more like a transparent world where it lives around us but we cannot feel it or see it. It does not physically touch our world, but we can easily become aware of their presence. The physical world is quite heavy energetically and the non-physical world lighter and a faster frequency. If we develop our intuitive skills we can raise our frequency level and become aware of the non-physical beings or their energy. We can see them in their entirety or perhaps like a flash of light out of the corner of our eye. Because the animals are already a higher frequency than us in human form, the animals are much more aware of this other world naturally.

My boy cat Shea has been sensing spirits and energy around my home since he was a kitten. My girl cat Mattie can too, but Shea is more sensitive and in tune to the energies that are in my home. He will sit on the couch facing you and look up above you, eyes roaming around as he watched what was floating above me. I find him to be a clever gauge of energy within my home. I learnt that when I used to go deep into meditation and begin Channelling, Shea would be upstairs watching and stabilising the energy coming from my meditation room. He would sit there for a while afterwards too; making sure the energy became grounded. Often in the middle of the night I would come across both my cats sitting opposite each other in their sphinx positions on the stairs landing or in the living room. I would sit still and sense what was going on, and I could feel the energy funnel between them as they worked. Sometimes there would be a portal open between realms and they would be keeping watch over the entrance. Fascinating isn’t it?

Sometimes we have deceased relatives come to visit, and of course our animals can see them! You may find your animals sitting staring at the couch or a corner of the room. Sometimes it can be a little overwhelming for our animals and they may just avoid the room where the spirits may be as they don’t particularly like the energy. This was the case for my colleague Dana and her dog Diego. Dana had mentioned that Diego had walked into the living room, stared at various points around the room and rushed back outside. She thought it was a bit odd, but at the time thought nothing of it. A couple of days after this I arrived in Sydney, I found myself alone one evening, with everyone out at a family function. I was in the living room watching TV when I heard a rustle of keys in the door not far from me. I looked over and saw the keys swaying but no one was there. I then heard a door slam, and I went to the stairs to sense what was going on. I could feel a presence around, and saw an elderly lady with a strong will, related to the family and distinctly sensed that she was letting me know that she was keeping an eye on things. I acknowledged her and told Dana about it when she got home. Dana then realised that must be whom Diego had sensed only a few days before when he was reluctant to stay in the living room. I don’t blame him she was pretty bossy. Dana then showed me several photos of older women whom had passed in recent years, and sure enough I recognised the woman as their great grandmother, and matriarch of their dad’s side of the family. Spooky hey?!

When you have animals living with you, they can gauge and sense all sorts of energies and spirits around your home. Your property may be on sacred land, or your profession could attract supernatural energies. If you find your animals are avoiding certain rooms or parts of the property, it is possible you may need to do a cleansing of your home. You can smudge your home by using a dried white sage bundle with a feather or a small branch off a tree. Make sure all your windows and doors are closed first. You light up the sage bundle enough to create lots of smoke and let it fill up each room and doorway. You can use the feather or the branch of leaves to push the smoke into the ground so it carries away any stagnant energy into the earth. When you are finished, you can open up all doorways and windows so the smoke and energy can go outside to the sky. You can also smudge yourself, gently moving the smoke around your head, arms, and legs, under your feet too. You can gently float some smoke over your animals too and brush it away with your feather or leaf branch. Animals don’t need too much as they can self cleanse.

It is so wonderful to be sharing our lives with these amazing beings, and their abilities, knowledge and wisdom is endless. A lot of my knowledge and skills have come from my own animals, and when you take the time to learn and listen you can develop your intuitive skills too.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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Trisha Mc Cagh

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