Animals & The Afterlife – Where Do They Really Go?

Anyone who has watched their beloved animal pass away can tell you the loss is devastating. It is like losing a child – your constant companion whom loved you and supported you for many years. It is like having a constant shadow that follows you everywhere, they are a part of your everyday routine. And then one day they are not. It can be an enormous blow, and only you know how much time it will take to move on. We never stop missing them, but we learn to look forward and be happy for them that they have moved on to the afterlife. We are content knowing that they are safe, happy and no longer in pain.

Majority of my clients are euthanasia cases, and also deceased animals. The most common questions I get asked are ‘Where do they go when they pass over?’ ‘Are they okay where they are?’ ‘Do they ever come back to visit? Do they know I am missing them and thinking of them?’

There are so many questions around the animals and the afterlife, we would be here for a long time. That is why we hold online webinars about ‘Overcoming The Loss of Your Pet’. To purchase this recorded webinar, you can go here BOOKINGS

Let’s cover the TWO most common questions asked about the Animals & the Afterlife:


How Do Animals See Death & Dying?

Majority of people fear death and dying. In fact, research shows that it is the 2nd most common fear people have. For some people, it is the fear that there is nothing on the other side. That this lifetime is all we have. Once we have passed over, we will be in an empty abyss. Of course with these beliefs, you would fear the worst for your animals. That they are gone forever, and you will never see them again.

Animals do not see death and the dying process like this. As a wise Border Collie said to me, ‘’Death is just a transition to the next exciting adventure!” The animals know there is an Afterlife. In fact, as high vibration beings, they can see the afterlife around us. This is why you may see your animals stare into a space often at home. They are watching the spirits in the realms. They know the afterlife is nothing to be afraid of. It is simply going back home, and changing from a space suit (physical body) to who you truly are – pure energy and spirit.

What the animals have taught me is that we do get to see each other again. We get to see our animals when it is our time to transition, and they are usually there waiting to welcome us home too. How wonderful is it to know that you will see your beloved animals again?

As some of you may know, my journey into the world of animal communication began with my beloved cat Beau. Beau was my soulmate, we were stuck together and many people would comment on how close our bond was. He was my shadow, as many of you know how that feels. Beau was only 13 months old when he was rushed to the Vet and my whole world was tipped upside down. I still remember the day we had to let Beau go, the anguish my heart felt. In the years to come, Beau has taught me many things about the afterlife, that we are never alone. They never really leave us. As time went on, Beau became one of my guides! Yes it is possible, sometimes our animals can serve their purpose with us better from the other side than in the physical world. They truly are the wise and selfless beings, aren’t they?


How Do Animals Let Us Know They Are Okay?

Now that we know our animals are okay and are safe and happy in the afterlife, the next common question I get asked is ‘Do they ever come to visit us? Do they let us know that they are okay?’ The answer is a definite Yes. They feel us grieving for them, and will do what they can to get through to us. Our animals are supernatural high vibrational beings, and when they pass onto the afterlife, they can visit us between realms and appear to us in different ways.

When we sleep, we are at our most relaxed and receptive state. This actually makes it very easy for our animals to visit us in our dreams. It can be tricky for an animal to let you know they are okay in our active state, as we are constantly busy in our mind, it is like they receive a busy phone signal, they cannot get through. Many of my clients have called me to let me know their animals visited them in their dreams, to let them know they are okay.

Sometimes they can materialise themselves. You may feel their fur rub against your legs, or feel the weight drop on your bed like they are settling down to sleep. Or you may even feel their warm breath on your face. Your animals will always try to show you in ways they know are unique only to them. So you cannot doubt that they have indeed visit you.



And sometimes they make a grand gesture so you can never mistaken it was them! This was the case for myself, when Beau had passed away. After I had heard Beau tell me ‘You have to let me go, you have to set me free’, I was sitting down crying with his frail body in my arms for long time. When it was time to let him go to be cremated, I said to my husband Peter we need to go visit the Deb the breeder where we got Beau and Mattie from. Pete was a little taken aback, as we just lost Beau and he felt we should go home. I said to him we need to go to there now and we need to take Mattie with us. So we took Mattie and headed to Deb’s place. We were all sitting around talking about the horrible loss of Beau, when a little kitten, the absolute image of Beau comes running up my leg. Deb reassures me that this is actually Beau’s half-brother, she was meant to let him go today but she decided against the owners for some reason. She said to me take him, it will help to ease the pain. Deb also felt a little guilty at Beau’s passing, as his condition was genetic. I couldn’t possibly take this kitten and give him the love he deserved when my heart was grieving for Beau. I showed him to Pete and I said we would take him tonight. Yes, those words came out! We took this little kitten home with us, and named him Shea. Over the next few days, Shea was a playful kitten, running around and jumping all over furniture. Again, I heard the same voice that I had heard in the vet’s the day Beau passed. ‘That should’ve been me playing like that.’ It came out of nowhere! I thought it was strange, but just accepted it as true, as Beau did have a few health issues where he couldn’t jump up on high surfaces.

Then the unforgettable happened. Pete & I were sitting together saddened by the loss of Beau, and Shea began to meow for dinner. I waved him off and said I would feed him soon. Then Shea came scrambling over our legs, and ran up to the window overlooking our balcony and began to howl. It was not a kitten’s voice that came out, but a deep howl like an adult cat. He then ran to the next window, and howled in that deep voice again. He did it a third time to the left window and howled again. Peter & I looked at each other and freaked out. This very act, was so unique, and only unique to Beau. Beau used to run up to each window and howl at the moon frequently. We didn’t know why, we even questioned Deb on it; she had never heard of it, and just said he was a unique cat. But here was Shea, a little kitten doing exactly that in Beau’s voice!

Clearly I needed such a grand gesture to believe that there was an afterlife, and that our animals never truly leave us. That fateful night has set off what has been the most magical journey and mission of my life – being a voice for the animals.

I think we are truly blessed to witness our animal’s lifetimes. To watch them grow, to learn from them how to enjoy life in the moment. This planet would truly be less beautiful without these incredible beings. They have to so much to teach us, about our experiences on this planet, the afterlife and what happens when we move on. We would be here forever if we tried to share all their wisdom.

There is so much more to learn – what kind of jobs do our animals have in the afterlife? What does it look like for them? Are they alone when they pass to the other side? If you wish to learn more,  you can purchase our Óvercoming The Loss of Your Pet’ Seminar from the Animal Talk Institute.

Overcoming Grief Of A Beloved Pet – Animal Talk Institute

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