Code of Ethics


Code of Ethics

The purpose of the Animal Talk Code of Ethics is to maintain the highest level of professionalism and integrity. The services of Animal Talk will be conducted with the highest ethical standards possible whether dealing with an animal, client or colleagues.

  • Animal Talk is dedicated to honour, respect and be non-judgemental in all aspects of its service.
  • To show compassion, integrity and objectivity to the highest order when dealing with all animals and clients.
  • To withdraw from a consultation if objectivity or integrity is prejudiced.
    To translate the words, feelings and expressions of all animals in its purist form to assist in the greater understanding and truth between all species.
  • The animal and clients best interests must be maintained and placed as a priority at all times.
  • Being respectful of the privacy and confidentiality of all clients and the information there of. Information will not be used outside the perimeters of education and research.
  • To acknowledge our limitations beyond our expert field, and refer or seek assistance from other professionals if needed. It is not our place to form a diagnosis of any condition of any animal but refer people to veterinarians. Suitable symptoms, pain and feelings may be relayed to these professionals for their assistance.

Continued education, with spiritual and personal growth are all necessary in maintaining a high standard of expertise to achieve the commitment of absolute professional excellence.

Those that work under or in conjunction with Animal Talk must adhere to these standards of code of ethics. The certification program offered through Animal Talk will be under strict conditions of this code of ethics. Animal Talk will not allow association or recognise anyone who practices as an animal communicator in a commercial manner without correct professional certification.

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